Hazelnut Spread:
Sweet and Creamy



Our Creamy Hazelnut Spread is not your average nut butter. This smooth and sweet spread combines 40% fresh hazelnuts with natural sugar, milk, and vanillin. It contains a higher percentage of hazelnuts compared to other store-bought spreads.

Enjoy our Creamy Hazelnut Spread as a snack on the go or with your breakfast. Slather it on toast or spread on your pancakes or waffles. This smooth and creamy spread will quickly become a staple on your family’s breakfast table.

Our Creamy Hazelnut Spread is packaged in a sustainable 330-gram glass jar.


Hazelnuts (40%), sugar, skim milk powder (11.5%), vegetable oil (coconut and sunflower), lactose, sunflower lecithin (emulsifier), vanillin.



Nutrition Facts

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